Analog IC Layout Design Engineer

Academic Degree:

Bachelor degree or above, master degree or above is preferred



Job Requirements:

More than 3 years, more than 5 years is preferred

Work Place:

Hefei, Nanjing, Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:
1. Complete the analysis, design, implementation and verification of the customized layout (analog circuit module) undertaken according to the process and specifications;
2. Select, identify and validate specific solutions for the tasks undertaken;
3. Participate in the formulation of project plans;
4. Documents to complete the work undertaken;
5. Complete other work assigned by direct supervisor.

1. According to the project objectives, undertake the development and optimization of a single module of customized layout design.
2. Understand and follow the department's development task arrangements and requirements, specifications, and processes, and be responsible for the development of customized layout modules.
3. Possess professional skills in custom layout design, verification, and certain successful experience in professional practice; especially skills acquired from professional practice.
4. Proficient in using Cadence Virtuoso & Composer, P&R tools, or other EDA layout design tools.
5. Proficient in using layout verification tools (Diva, Dracula or Calibre) including completing DRC/LVS/LPE/XRC/ERC/PEX verification.
6. According to the change of work arrangement in time, inherit the company's existing technical achievements and continue to improve.