Application scheme of washing machine

  • Excellent load adjustment rate;
  • Meet the EU level 6 energy efficiency and energy conservation indicators;
  • It has the functions of overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and short circuit protection.

Refrigerator application scheme

  • Power management scheme applied to the main control board of intelligent refrigerator;

  • DC-DC buck, AC-DC buck, AC-DC flyback.

Application scheme of small household appliances

  • Intelligent WiFi switch and WiFi plug-in power supply scheme;
  • Power supply scheme of milk warmer, intelligent water dispenser and cooking machine;
  • Intelligent atmosphere lamp, WiFi Bluetooth socket power scheme;
  • Power supply scheme of intelligent air purifier and intelligent sweeper;
  • Power supply scheme of soybean milk machine and air fryer;
  • Power supply scheme for coffee machine, ice maker and intelligent electric kettle.

Medical application scheme

  • Medical oxygen generator power supply;
  • Main control board of household oxygen generator power supply;
  • Power supply of small on-board oxygen generator;
  • Medical compressed air atomizer power supply;
  • Intelligent biomedical storage device power supply.