Wide-bandgap power IC R&D engineer

Academic Degree:

Master's degree or above, doctoral degree preferred



Job Requirements:

More than 3-5 years, more than 5 years is preferred

Work Place:


Job Responsibilities:
1. Process simulation parameter extraction, power device simulation analysis;
2. PCM/TestKey testing and analysis, sorting out process and device test data;
3. Power device spice model extraction.

job requirements:
1. Major in semiconductor or microelectronics, master degree or above;
2. Have a certain understanding of the research and development of semiconductor integrated circuits, including basic semiconductor material knowledge, semiconductor physics, process principles and device theory, understand the working principle of power devices and the meaning of various parameters;
3. Proficiency in using discrete device test instruments and transistor parameter testers to test different devices flexibly;
4. Proficiency in using the operating system, design software, process and device simulation software and statistical analysis software used in the product development process;
5. Familiar with the device model, can complete the extraction and verification of the device model independently;
6. Experience in power device development is preferred.