MCU circuit R&D engineer

Academic Degree:

Master's degree or above, doctoral degree preferred



Job Requirements:

More than 3-5 years, more than 5 years is preferred

Work Place:

Hefei, Nanjing, Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for digital front-end implementation in MCU, photoelectric navigation, photoelectric sensors and wireless charging products, including algorithm design, RTL design, simulation verification, timing analysis, etc.;

2. Cooperate with simulation engineers to complete digital-analog hybrid simulation verification;

3. Assist in FPGA prototype verification and application development;

4. Assist in completing the test plan, provide test support, and assist in product problem analysis;

5. Write relevant technical documents.

job requirements:

1. Major in electronics, microelectronics, and communications;

2. Have a solid theoretical foundation of digital circuits, master verilog/system verilog and other languages, and have basic HDL code writing ability;

3. Familiar with EDA tools (simulation verification/static timing analysis/formal verification, etc.), familiar with digital circuit IC design process;

4. Proficient in 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit MCU circuit architecture design;

4. Strong technical documentation and report writing ability;

5. Serious and meticulous work, with good communication skills and team spirit.