Technical Application Engineer (FAE)

Academic Degree:

Bachelor degree or above, master degree or above is preferred



Job Requirements:

1-3 years or more

Work Place:

Hefei, Nanjing, Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:

1. For target customers and related projects, complete pre-sales promotion of products/solutions, technical support during sales, and analysis of bad problems after sales; maintain the continuous growth of client business;

2. Cooperate with the Sales/Marketing department to complete the continuous promotion of the target market, and timely understand and summarize the competitor information;

3. Regularly summarize successful cases and client problems, and conduct internal effective communication to improve the team's service efficiency on the client side, reflect the professionalism of team services, and maintain the company's good reputation in the industry;

4. Experience in ice washing program development is preferred.

job requirements:

1. Proactive in work, honest and trustworthy, cheerful, good communication and problem-solving ability;

2. The undergraduate degree or above is recruited, and the relevant electronics majors are skilled in the application of PCB software such as prote, AD, pads;

3. Familiar with the topology of switching power supply, transformer design and selection of other key components, familiar with PD charger principle and related protocol requirements, and able to independently develop power supply solutions is preferred;

4. More than 3 years working experience in switching power supply design or FAE power supply chip;

5. Work experience: more than 2 years;

6. Outstanding graduates can also be given priority.