Auality Policy

Quality policy
Continuously improve and perfect the quality management system to provide customers with satisfactory products and considerate services; Rely on technological progress and market development, and strive to become the best semiconductor integrated circuit enterprise.

Quality goals

0.18 PPM

Failure rate of the products on machine≤0.18PPM

86 %

Degree of customer satisfaction for IC product≥86%

83 %

Degree of customer satisfaction for Discrete wafer≥83%

100 %

100% on-time delivery

45 %

New products sales volume greater than 45% of all products sales volume

97.05 %

Testing Yield:
Wafer ≥ 97.05%

99.02 %

Finished product ≥ 99.02%

100 %

Products 100% accord with the hazardous substance control limits


There are no major customer complaints and production quality problems that cause major losses

0 次

Car customer stops the line 0 times